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The Prime Number- Deion Sanders

Updated: Jul 3, 2023



Deion Sanders, aka Coach Prime, is going from an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) school, Jackson state, to a bigger program, Colorado. The reactions are mixed … REALLY mixed.

Coach Sanders took a mediocre program and made it a championship program. There were doubters, but really, most expected nothing less from his playing days as Prime Time. So, why the uproar from some and the applause from others. Let’s look at both sides?

Coaching changes are nothing new. Programs are always looking for someone who can lead them to better results, and they’re willing to pay big money for that. Successful head coaches of major sports are often the highest paid individuals on campus. But the guillotine of losing is a constant that hangs over their heads. At one point a long time ago, Colorado had a highly successful program on the national stage. Since then, they’ve been, well, meh. As with any program looking to turn things around, they sought out the individual they thought could do it the fastest and the best. So, they dangled a number in front of Coach Prime. Good for them.

Then there are those who think Coach Prime is a traitor, that all along he was just using Jackson State as a stepping stone. Why? Because he’s Black he somehow owes it to Jackson State for giving him a chance? Why should he not be able to do what he does best – compete at the highest level he can? What’s that “R” word again? Racisim!

Deion Sanders rose to prominence in coaching in the same way he rose to prominence as an athlete. He pushed himself to excellence by competing at the highest level he could, and expected, no demanded, that others around him do the same. This situation is no different. He trained himself to push to excellence. Why would anyone want to castigate him for doing that again? Jackson State brought him in to achieve excellence. Colorado is doing the same. He’s already given notice that anyone not willing to join him in the push to the top should put themselves in the transfer portal and get the hell out.

Regardless of your feelings, examine the basis for those feelings. We cheer people rising to the top legitimately in all aspects of life- sports, business, education, finance, etc. Why would we apply a different standard to this situation?

Never bet against a champion especially when he/she is a Prime Number.

Tikkun Olam- heal the world. Leave it a better place when you leave.

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