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Misogyny Monster or Alpha-Male Hero?



A certain male influencer who touts alpha-male supremacy and misogyny has racked up millions of followers despite being in legal trouble right now. He is not some small, insecure male needing to salve his Napoleon complex. In fact, he’s a professional martial arts fighter and an imposing large figure. So, why is he so popular?

Let’s begin with his supporters and admirers. When we think of an alpha male image, we often think of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, or the like. The films portrayed the idea that when these figures walked into a room, no one questioned how badass they were. They were tough as nails, neutralized bad guys, and never cried. They never attempted to get in touch with their feminine side. As the song implies, “only the strong survive.” From an evolutionary standpoint, there is something to be said in real life to know you are being protected by someone who can back himself up when he says, “You messed with the wrong person.” The “bad boy” image doesn’t just have appeal to males. Many females are willing to give up some female ideal in exchange for knowing they are protected. Those defending this image claim they have been pushed into that philosophy because of the push to feminize men so they are more sensitive and emotional. They believe that males have become “therapized” (which is interesting since I’m a psychologist). They claim boys are being pushed to be crybabies and wussies. To these people he is an alpha-male hero, not against women but rather in favor of males continuing to be dominant.

By definition, a misogynist is someone who is against women. They label the type of man that subscribes to the images above as a misogynist. They are tired of men behaving badly and getting away with abusive behavior. They are pro equal rights for the genders, and they decry the idea that men have to be tough guys in all respects to survive. They see nothing wrong with a boy crying if he’s upset or playing with dolls if he wants to or displaying androgenous tendencies. They believe that the gender roles should be amorphous and not necessarily clearly defined.

Of course, the further out each side goes, the more entrenched the sides become. There are those who believe that male-female roles should be clearly defined, while others do not. But in actuality, it’s deeper than that. Rather than be exclusionary with an “either/or” philosophy, why not subscribe to the idea that one can be tough AND sensitive at the same time without being labeled a wuss. So, whether he is a misogynistic monster, or an alpha-male hero is a matter of opinion.

But regardless of which side you support, anyone who violates another’s rights is out of line and NOT okay

Tikkun Olam- heal the world. Leave it a better place when you leave.

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