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Definitely Not As Smooth As Tennessee Whiskey


Chris Stapleton’s song is a wonderful love song that compares the object of his affection to the smoothness of Tennessee Whiskey (I’ll vouch for it). Unfortunately, Tennessee gave itself a big black eye yesterday.

Two young male Black duly-elected representatives in the legislature were expelled by the Republican-led super majority. However, there were three members that were voted on for expulsion, the third being an older, white female. So, what’s the problem, and what happened?

The two men and the lady led protests in the chambers over the legislature not discussing gun violence and gun control. They used bull horns. The Justins and the lady were asking that the topics be discussed as a means of addressing the mass shooting in Nashville. Yes, they disrupted the proceedings. They were labelled insurrectionists that were having an adolescent temper tantrum. They could have been given a censure or any of several lesser consequences, but the legislature decided to do something that had only been done three times in the past since the Civil War, and those were for genuinely serious issues. Instead of a slap on the wrist, the legislature used the “nuclear option”. They voted to expel the three. Definitely an overreaction, but wait because that’s really not the issue.

They voted to expel the two young Black male legislators while NOT expelling the older white lady legislator with no further explanation. Why? Are they supposed to “know their place”?

Hmmmm? I’m all about listening to a justification, but… It looks like a duck. It walks like a duck. It quacks like a duck. It must be a duck - AGAIN!!

Definitely Not As Smooth As Tennessee Whiskey

In the words of some of our sports commentators – C’MON, MAN!! Tennessee, you need to be way better than that!

Until next time, this is Dr. Andrew telling you to “Be kind to yourself.”

Tikkun Olam- heal the world. Leave it a better place when you leave.

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