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Oh Clarence, Dear Clarence


Me: So, tell us again about Anita Hill.

Justice Thomas: I’ll say the same thing I said at that time. This is a lynch mob!

Me: Your wife is an obstructionist. Shouldn’t you recuse yourself from anything involving Jan 6?

Justice Thomas: We don’t talk about those things. Her involvement has nothing to do with me.

Me: What about all those gifts, those free trips and perks you got from an uber-rich Republican donor?

Justice Thomas: I was told I did not need to report them. There is no law.

Me: But wasn’t that law codified after Watergate?

Justice Thomas: I don’t know. I’ll have to get back to you.

Me: Do you think there ought to be ethics rules for. Supreme Court Justices?

Justice Thomas: Why? I don’t see any need for them.

Me: There is indication that there will be a thorough investigation by the Senate Judiciary Committee. What are your feelings about that?

Justice Thomas: It’s a Left Wing Woke conspiracy. It’s racist! If I weren’t Black, they wouldn’t even bother.

Me: Do you think there’s a lot of questions that you need to answer?

Justice Thomas: You are Jewish, aren’t you?

Me: Yes. Not sure what that has to do with my question.

Justice Thomas: Well, that might explain some things.

Me: Do you really want to go there?

Justice Thomas: Clearly, you’re a racist.

Me: Thank you for the interview, Justice Thomas

Justice Thomas: (doesn’t say a word. Just gives that steely-eyed look)

Until next time, this is Dr. Andrew telling you to “Be kind to yourself.”

Tikkun Olam- heal the world. Leave it a better place when you leave.


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