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Yell n' Shout Introduction

Welcome to my new website and my blog, Yell ‘n Shout.

I thought I’d recap my journey so far.

My good friend and college football teammate divides our time into four quarters, twenty-two

years at a time, 22-44-66-88. We’re both in the fourth quarter and joke that hopefully we’ll get

some overtime. So, here’s the recap, and here’s where I’m going.

Q1- I played football in high school and college and was a kinesiology major (used to be called

PE). I wound up being the youngest head football and swimming coach in the school district and

enjoyed a 14-year educator career. I married my college sweetheart and was married for

almost 48 before she passed away. We had two beautiful children, Dr. Josh Yellen who heads

the Masters’ program in Athletic Training at the University of Houston, and Erit Yellen who is an

Adjunct Professor at USC and a film producer.

Q2- I continued to coach, got my doctorate, and made the transition to clinical psychologist. We

both left education, and we opened Yellen & Associates, which became the largest private

psychological and educational office in Southern California. I’m very proud of the work we’ve

done. I’ve authored five books.

Q3- We continued our practice. At the same time, we were blessed to have our wonderful

daughter-in-law and our two grandchildren, Mathew and Rebekah. We felt so privileged to be

able to help so many people. It was also time to downsize the practice.

Q4- After almost 48 years, I lost my beloved Heidi to cancer. My wonderful friends and family

bolstered me and kept me going. My work kept me busy, and I’m so grateful to be given the

opportunity to help others. A year after losing Heidi, I re-encountered Sara (and her amazing

family), whom I’ve known for 43 years. She had also lost her spouse two months before me.

Our families already knew each other. The result- We’re engaged! I’m so grateful to be

accepted by her family.

So, now my practice is mostly online and huge. I continue to have the privilege of helping

others. But where am I going?? I’m going to continue helping others with new formats,

including this blog and an upcoming podcast. I can’t wait. Come join me on the next leg of my

journey. Who knows? We may go into Overtime!

Tikkun Olam- heal the world. Leave it a better place when you leave.

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