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The Intersection of Business and Psychology

Did you know most major companies that sell products or provide services have at least one

psychologist on board dedicated to what the company is promoting.

Consider this. The definition of psychology is “the scientific study of the human mind and

its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context”. Businesses like to shape the

behavior of its desired consumers to buy, purchase, and keep them coming back. The bottom line is

the bottom line. The PR for any company, large or small, needs to affect the consumer in such a way

that she/he engages with the company. The more effective the campaign, the better the

engagement, the more likely the consumer will purchase the product. It doesn’t make any difference

if it’s software, food, legal services, medical services, or even government services.

Enter the psychologist. She/he, by definition, is trained to evaluate collected data and determine

how effective the presentation is based upon that data. It’s a specialized area in psychology. In 1973

Wilson Bryan Key, Ph.D. wrote Subliminal Seduction. In it he describes how companies embedded

images in advertising to sway consumers in magazines and movies. Ice cubes had the word “sex”

embedded in them. When something sits in the subconscious mind, it becomes far more powerful. If

it didn’t work, companies would not have spent thousands of dollars and continued using it (until

parts of it were made illegal). Nowadays every aspect of a company's presentation to the public is

processed and nuanced TO BE more appealing – in a subliminal manner. Color, placement, font,

message, and more, are all taken into consideration, carefully evaluated, and analyzed over time.

Every customer is data that drives the company's moves. 

The third week of this month, October. I will be at a World Financial Group convention in Houston,

TX where I will be having a discussion with a very successful entrepreneur and leader, Johnny

Mehrian. With our different backgrounds we will be pushing new forms of theory and thought. 

Enter Our Train of thought. How his agents can use lessons learned in sports PSYCHOLOGY to

their advantage.

Business meets Psychology. One of my areas of specialization is sports psychology (I was a high

school and college athlete as well as a coach for 14 years). We know that sport is 10% physical and

90% mental, and now we transfer our psychological knowledge to financial business, a conversation

you want to be in on.

Let the Psych Games begin!

Tikkun Olam- heal the world. Leave it a better place when you leave.


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