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The first definition of a nugget that pops up in the dictionary is “a small piece of gold’. I also believe there are golden nuggets of wisdom to be had. Life places many nuggets in our paths. We just have to be open to looking for them, and “picking them up” when they appear. Some people are too “blind” to see them, while others readily collect them. So, let’s examine the idea of nuggets. Like gold, the more you collect the richer you will be.

When I was 16, my next-door neighbor and classmate in high school asked my buddy, Paul, and me to figure out what the rattle was in her car. For those of you who know cars, the motor mounts were shot. They are pieces of rubber that separate the metal of the engine from the metal of the frame. Picture this. 110-degree day, no shade, and we had driven two wheels up onto the curb so we could get under the car. We got three loosened but could not budge the fourth. We were sitting on the curb exhausted and had already gone through a gallon of water each. Along came an elderly man we had never seen before. He asked what we were doing, and we told him. He asked if he could try. We looked at each other and almost laughed. Really? An old man is going to try something that two big tough football players could not do? Sure, why not? He slid his legs under the car, told us to put the wrench on the bolt, told us to put a pipe he had seen on the wrench handle, and then to get out of the way. He did it!! He got up, dusted his hands off, walked about 10 feet away, and said, “Boys, don’t ever forget your legs are stronger than your arms.” There were really two nuggets I collected that day. The first was obvious- always use your legs when possible. But it was the second that has impacted me throughout my life. Had we somehow dismissed the old man, we would have never learned a valuable lesion. Every person knows something you don’t know matter how old they are. If they are willing to share that with you, you’d have to be a fool not to accept the nugget. THAT’S the real wisdom nugget.

So, ask yourself if you are open to wisdom nuggets. In my TikTok and Instagram I mentioned a quotation I came across. It’s worth repeating here. “Smart people get information from everywhere and from everyone. Average people get information from experience. Stupid people don’t get information because they have all the answers.” In other words, smart people are always on the lookout for nuggets because they understand the value. These nuggets are everywhere and with many people. You just have to be open to them when they appear.

Prospect for wisdom nuggets, and you will be so much richer and wiser.

Tikkun Olam- heal the world. Leave it a better place when you leave.



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