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We often look to the holiday season and think about family and being together. For some it puts a frown on our faces, while for most it makes us smile. Either way, they are your family, and you are connected for life.

Being away from family is often difficult. You don’t have those people around that share in the childhood memories that make traditions like food, decorations, and places. So, for those who cherish their families but are apart, what can you do?

We are blessed and cursed to live in a time when we can be instantly connected to anyone anywhere in the world. We just point and click. As much as there are often complaints about how uber-connected, we are, the fact remains that we can pretty much connect whenever we want. Even for someone half-way around the world, seeing and hearing our family at holiday time adds an extra special feeling.

Let’s think about all the ways to stay connected: cards; e-cards; the yearly letter; pictures, everything electronic including Zoom and FaceTime; and don’t forget about the old-fashioned telephone call. I would imagine it won’t be too long before technology will yield everyday holograms of people sitting next to each other. You just need to have people who want to be connected. Yes, we have all of this all year long, but somehow it just seems more special this time of year.

Where does this need to connect with family come from? My dad, Pa Cookie, used to say that his job was to create memories for his children. We call this the “holiday season,” but in reality, we have different holidays all year long, and each comes with its own traditions with the family of food, games, and just being together. Remember, there are those who either don’t have family or are not close to their family, so don’t go shoving your family in someone else’s face unless you know they can share the joy.

As we get older, we look to memories to sustain us, to make us feel we are connected. It’s our nature. Of course, it can sometimes get overwhelming, but just appreciate what you have and how easy it is to connect.

Life isn’t forever. Stay connected. We know that good connections make our quality of life better.

Tikkun Olam- heal the world. Leave it a better place when you leave.

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