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The Tripod of Bigotry



This Sunday a recording was revealed that featured the President of the Los Angeles City

Council uttering a racial slur. This Monday she resigned. Racism, prejudice, antisemitism, and

hatred come in so many forms and colors. What makes up the tripod of bigotry?

I believe that if we take a historical perspective, the tripod legs of bigotry will be revealed. They

are Power, Tribalism, and Misogyny. Throughout history all wars have been fought for at least

one of these legs. Look at anyone who speaks about the basis of bigotry, and all of their

combined explanations will boil down to these three reasons.

Greed is a form of power. Controlling information is a form of power. Controlling education is a

form of power.

Racism is a form of tribalism. Antisemitism is a form of tribalism. Nationalism is a form of


Preventing females from getting an education is a form of misogyny. Having women restricted

to certain clothing is a form of misogyny. Holding women to a different standard is a form of


To what end you ask. While we think of ourselves being at the top of the evolutionary scale, we

subconsciously believe we must prevent others from rising, as if success is a finite, tangible

thing, or we might not survive. For some the idea that everyone can be “okay” is a foreign,

forbidden concept.

Until such time that everyone is treated with respect and dignity, we must seek out, expose,

and confront those who continue to bolster the tripod of bigotry. As long as any leg of the

tripod exists, we will have war in some form.

Tikkun Olam- heal the world. Leave it a better place when you leave.


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