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psychological, educational, speech & language services
Yellen & Associates Yellen & Associates
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At the helm of Yellen & Associates, the Yellens are in their fourth decade of providing services in the Southern California area.

Heidi L. Yellen, M.A., B.C.E.T.
Psychometry, P.P.S., L.H., R.S.T.,
Educational Therapy, Psychoeducational Diagnostics

As a Board Certified Educational Therapist and Psychoeducational Diagnostician, Heidi Yellen is responsible for the educational component of Yellen & Associates. Both parents and professionals praise her ability to diagnose and treat learning disabilities, learning style differences, and gifted needs, and to coordinate educational efforts. Based upon her work in IEP and 504 proceedings, Mrs. Yellen earned the reputation of a hard line negotiator.

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Andrew G. Yellen, Ph.D.
F.P.P.R., F.A.B.M.P., D.A.C.,
Clinical and Sports Psychology

Dr. Andrew Yellen is a licensed psychologist specializing in both clinical and sports psychology. He, along with his wife Heidi, is one of the founding owners of Yellen & Associates Psychological, Educational, Speech & Language Services, a private practice group with two offices in Southern California. Dr. Yellen lectures nationally and internationally on various topics including behavioral management, learning disabilities, and sports psychology. Additionally, Dr. Yellen offers presentations to Industrial and Organizational Psychology Seminars and to hospital staff, insurance companies, and school districts.

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Thomas Schweller, M.D.
Dr. Thomas Schweller is a licensed pediatric and adult neurologist with a specialty in Electroencephalography. He is practicing in Southern California with offices in San Diego and Northridge. While in his own private practice, Dr. Schweller is a consultant to Yellen & Associates. He is currently an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Neurosciences at the University of California at San Diego. He has a particular interest in childhood brain injuries and the effect of vaccines on brain function.

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Tom Ward
Tom combines his expertise in electronics with his expertise in computers to gather neuroelectrical information from patients by means of our DESA. His innovative techniques and attention to detail assist in providing the most accurate patient data to be analyzed. Additionally, he is responsible for all information technology in the offices. Tom began his tenure with Yellen & Associates in 2000.

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